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5 Tips for your heating system

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1. Adjust your Heating Thermostat – Money Saving

Adjusting the temperature dial of your heating thermostat and your radiator thermostatic valves can save you money on your fuel/energy costs. Don’t heat an empty home – save an estimated £100+ annually by installing a Smart Energy Thermostat.

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2. Have Your Boiler Serviced – Money Saving

An annual Boiler Service is the best way to run your boiler efficiently and to avoid heating or hot water breakdowns. For the benefits of a boiler service.

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3. Check your Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon monoxide is dangerous and difficult to detect. It’s wise to install a carbon monoxide alarm to detect this dangerous gas. Carbon Monoxide alarms are inexpensive and easy to install.

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4. Check your radiators

Turn your heating up to maximum and one by one check each radiator gets hot before turning it back down to a safe comfortable temperature.

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5. Bleed your radiators

Radiators should be bled of trapped air from time to time, to keep them working efficiently. To check if a radiator requires bleeding check if it is colder at the top than the bottom. Use a radiator key to release trapped air from the air vent at the top of the radiator. When hissing air stops and water appears, shut the radiator air vent.

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5 Tips for your heating system

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5 Tips for your heating system

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