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What is a MagnaClean?

MagnaClean is a central heating system filter which is capable of capturing virtually 100% of the Magnetite within a system.

Magnetite is the official name of system sludge, it’s made up from Iron Oxide the result of a chemical reaction between the different metals and air ingress into the heating system.

The main benefit is an improvement in system efficiency. System Sludge creates cold spots within your radiators which in turn reduces the efficiency and thermal output of the heating device. Removing these cold spots, the system will return back to its right purpose.

A MagnaClean filter works so well because the steel sludge is attracted to the magnet. Corroded steel debris passes through the system, it gets caught in the filter, allowing the newly cleaned water to continue through your pipes. the purpose is designed to remove sludge from your heating system.

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Explore this video to see how the benefits of MagnaClean works:

What is a MagnaClean?

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