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Why do boilers breakdown requiring repair?

  • Boiler Breakdown & Repairs usually come without warning.  When your boiler is running correctly and all is good, it is easy to take it for granted.  
  • You expect it to always provide hot water and heating when you need it and you probably never think about it too much. 
  • Until something goes wrong and you experience a boiler breakdown first hand, and everything in your home is thrown into chaos and you start to panic about how you are going to manage without a boiler.
  • Most boiler breakdowns occur during the coldest months of winter, because often they haven’t really been active in a while in the warmer months of the year.

What makes Boilers Breakdown requiring Repair?

  • Working components inside boilers have to tolerate high levels of thermal and mechanical stress, various types of water qualities and dissolved oxygen.  
  • At its highest working demand, the inside of a boiler is like a furnace, which means it makes a huge difference if the internal components are made from the highest quality materials.  
  • After long periods of inactivity, the internal components feel strain when they try to heat your house, which could leave you having to pay for an inconvenience you could really avoid, a Boiler Breakdown and Repair.
  • Regular annual servicing  and maintenance of boilers is required not only avoid breakdown and repairs, but also to preserve the manufacturer’s warranty.

MPE Plumbing Heating Gas are professional plumbers with a 5/5 Google Reviews Rating

Is old age the reason for boiler repair?

  • Boiler Breakdown & Repairs are often be caused by old age. Corrosion and rust build-up over many years can cause deterioration to boiler components, pipes and connections.  
  • As previously mentioned components in a boiler go through severe thermal and mechanical stress which eventually result in mechanical failure, troublesome leaks, which can leave you without hot water or heat.  
  • There may also be an accumulation of debris and dirt that prevents the mechanics of your boiler from working as they should or restricting the water flowing, thereby reducing efficiency and increasing your fuel bills

Do you have no hot water or heating?

  • Boiler Breakdown & Repairs related to a lack of hot water or heating can be the result of many issues.  
  • It could be your boiler’s motorised valves are failing possibly due to system debris or simply that the motor that drives the valve open or shut needs replacing.  
  • Airlocks are a common problem caused by sucking air into your radiators & pipework.
  • Magnetic sludge is creating methane and appearing as airlocks.
  • Low water levels, check your pressure gauge if you have one and if not, check the ball valve on the small feed & expansion tank is not stuck in the closed position.  
  • Faulty thermostats and circulation pumps can cause a boiler to shut down, requiring a heating repair.
  • Poor and intermittent water temperatures are also a common fault, especially on combination boilers.
  • Our qualified heating engineers can rescue your boiler and repair/replace broken components, but if your boiler is too far gone it may be best to replace your boiler.
  • Boiler manufacturers only guarantee the supply of spare parts for 7-10 years.  So, if your boiler is over 7-10 years, the warning signs have arrived.

MPE Plumbing Heating Gas are professional plumbers with a 5/5 Google Reviews Rating

What if my pipes freeze up?

  • Boiler breakdown related to a lack of hot water or heating can be the result of many issues.  
  • It may not be related to a Boiler Breakdown and can be repaired by thawing the frozen condensate pipe.
  • During sub-zero temperatures, external condensate pipes can freeze up, especially on condensing boilers
  • The condensate pipe is what removes condensation and any waste steam from inside your boiler.  If frozen, this stops your boiler from working.  
  • The pipes exit your boiler to outside and run in a drain, are in danger of completely freezing up when the temperature drops lower and lower.  
  • Under your boiler, you will find pipes exiting from and entering your boiler, among these the plastic pipe is more than likely to be the condensate pipe
  • This plastic pipe normally leaves your house to be directed into a drain, where it is prone to freeze.
  • You can thaw out a frozen condensate pipe by tipping hot water (not boiling water) onto it, to return the boiler to provide heating and hot water.

Do you have dripping or leaking from your boiler?

  • Dripping or leaking from the boiler is definitely a sign that all is not right with your boiler. 
  • Our qualified engineers repair drips and leaks to safely return your boiler to heat and provide hot water to your home.  
  • Generally, this kind of issue is a damaged pump seal, pressure valve or some other internal boiler components.  
  • The boiler pressure may be too high if there is a leak, and it’s usually the valve & expansion vessel controlling the pressure.  
  • If the leak is from a heating circulation pump, it may be that it is broken or natural wear and tear has occurred and it needs replacing.
  • Boilers sometimes leak around the heat exchanger which can be a worst-case scenario caused by corrosion, almost always leads to a replacement.

When should I service my boiler?

  • Regular boiler maintenance is important in order to ensure the appliance is not only burning safely and efficiently, but also to avoid more serious problems. 
  • A boiler service typically takes approximately 45 minutes and varies depending on the type of boiler.
  • Our Gas Safe registered engineers can service your boiler according to the UK Gas Safety standards.

5 Tips Prevent a Boiler Breakdown & Repair

  1. Annual boiler service: Without  an annual boiler service, there’s a good chance your boiler won’t last as long and could breakdown.
  2. Run boiler periodically in the summer: Turning a boiler off for a long periods can cause parts to seize up and not start in the winter.
  3. Prevent frozen pipes in winter: Run your heating on low temperature whilst you are out and insulate pipes, especially your external condensate pipe.
  4. Bleed radiators: Releasing trapped air ensures your radiators are heating efficiently and puts less strain on your boiler.
  5. Powerflush or MagnaCleanse: To remove heating system sludge, remedy noisy boilers, pumps, cold radiators and to extend the life of your boiler.

MPE Plumbing Heating Gas are professional plumbers with a 5/5 Google Reviews Rating

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Boiler Breakdown & Repairs

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