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Limescale Reducer

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Limescale Reducer

A Limescale Reducer in your home will help to protect your household appliances by controlling limescale build-up, maintaining their appearance and prolonging their overall lifespan. You’ll also save money on cleaning products, household
energy bills and you might even find that your cup of tea tastes a little better!

What can I use to protect my whole house from limescale? For a hot water system and whole-house protection, a Limescale a unit will prevent limescale build-up. The unit should be installed onto the mains water supply into the property.

Do I need to buy refill sachets for a Limescale Reducer? No, they are ‘fit and forget’ devices.

Does a Limescale Reducer need to be fitted in a particular location for it to work correctly? Yes, it is important that any Scale Reducer device is installed on the incoming mains. They ideally need to be positioned within one metre of the household appliance it protects.

Is it safe to use with drinking water? Yes, MPE Plumbing Heating Gas use approved and suitable units for use with drinking water.

How long will a unit last for? Up to 10 years and are ‘fit and forget’ devices. However, timeframes can vary depending on the hardness of the water and water usage levels.

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Watch this video to understand how a unit can work:

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