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MPE Plumbing Heating Gas - Copper Pipework Installation

Copper Pipework Installation

MPE Plumbing Heating Gas - Boiler Installation

Boiler Installation

MPE Plumbing Heating Gas - Under Floor Heating Installation

Under Floor Heating Installation

MPE Plumbing Heating GAS - W6 Boiler Installation

W6 Boiler Installation

MPE Plumbing Heating GAS - W2 Pipework Riser

W2 Pipework Riser

MPE Plumbing Heating GAS - SW3 Pipework

SW3 Pipework

MPE Plumbing Heating GAS - W4 Hot Water Cylinder

W4 Hot Water Cylinder

MPE Plumbing Heating GAS - W4 Boiler Installation

W4 Boiler Installation

MPE Plumbing Heating GAS - W2 Radiator Installation

W2 Radiator Installation

MPE Plumbing Heating Gas - Vaillant Boiler Installation

Vaillant Boiler Installation

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IMPRESSIVE SERVICE – “Barry and Luke sorted out the central heating in my new home, where there are several problems with an incomprehensible system. Barry came very fast when the boiler stopped working and solved various problems with the rads and boiler and fitted a better control system. They know their stuff and explained well to a novice. Very reliable and I will give them a ring next time.”
T Anderson, TW8

HELPFUL, COMPETENT & FRIENDLY – “I was desperate as heating in our house failed and the children were really cold. Saw the MPE van in the road outside and rang the telephone number. Delighted to find myself talking to a real person who was very helpful and got someone round asap. The engineer came on time and was really helpful, competent and friendly. Heating fixed pretty much at once. A fantastic reliable service all round and I would definitely highly recommend this company.”
Sue Burden, W11

GREAT WORK – “Used MPE when I moved into my new house. Central heating was in a real mess – leaking radiators, didn’t give out any heat and luke warm water. Quite a big job but felt MPE offered a very reasonable price. John the plumber was great – and someone I was happy to leave the house keys with so I didn’t have to take time off work. In future, I wouldn’t consider using anyone else. A tradesman that takes his shoes off at the door before entering the house has a thumbs up from me.”
Rachael, W4

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No we do not. We understand many companies do charge a call out fee and then charge from the moment they start work but we do not. We only charge from the moment we start work at your property. The first hour is always a full hour charge even if we have completed the works before that first hour. After the first hour we charge per half hour.

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Condensing boilers are the most energy-efficient boilers on the market today. They use less fuel and have lower running costs than other boilers. They achieve this high level of efficiency by extracting heat contained in the combustion gases, which would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere.

Old, conventional boilers have an efficiency rate up to 60%, which means that they convert 60% or less of their fuel into heat, while the efficiency of new condensing boilers can be above 90% (A-rated). This means huge energy savings and significant cuts on your CO2 emissions and gas bills.

There are 2 types of high-efficiency condensing boiler:

  • System boiler: heats your hot water through a hot water cylinder
  • Combination (combi) boiler: gives you instant hot water without the need for a cylinder

Each type delivers all the benefits of high-efficiency technology.

The high efficiency condensing combi or combination boiler combines both a conventional boiler for radiators and an independent water heater in one compact unit, eliminating the need for a hot water cylinder and cold water storage cistern. With a combi boiler hot water is always available instantly and for as long as you need it.

Additional benefits of having a combi boiler include significant saving on your gas bills and the fact that your hot water comes from the mains pressure so you can enjoy showering without needing a noisy pump.

A system boiler works on the principle of stored hot water. It provides heat for your heating system while being able to heat a hot water cylinder (like a Megaflo). This guarantees simultaneous supply of hot water to all outlets. These type of boilers work with both vented and unvented how water cylinders.

System boilers operate on a sealed system like the combination boiler. As the system is not affected by mains water pressure, they can operate in areas where combi boilers cannot (like lofts). System boilers are usually compact as all the major components like the pump and the diverter valve are built into the boiler.

A system boiler is a great choice for a larger home or family with hot water needs that can’t be met by a combi boiler. You will need a tank in the airing cupboard.

FREE BOILER SERVICE WORTH £95 with either...

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